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  • Portability and the policies are paid for by the individuals not businesses.

  • No exclusion for preexisting conditions and lifetime coverage regardless of condition

  • Uniform Nationwide policies allowing portability  not solely regulated by individual states

  • No more free health care for anyone, Everyone should have some skin in the game.

  • No Federal takeover of our health care options.

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Second Amendment / Gun rights

2nd Amendment - The Gun Issue

 Here is my take on guns. They are the only defense  citizens have against evil doers weather they be your government or  thugs in the streets. I am a law and order citizen. Guns are the equalizer. Even a frail man or slight statured woman can defend themselves, if they have this tool.

Now with the crazy demarcate party support of defunding the police, encouraging anarchy , BLM (Marxist organization) and with Antifa intimidation,  citizen's need now more than ever to own and be trained to use fire arms in their self defense. America has seen this before. In the south of old when the KKK was intimidating and lynching black American's (freedmen) the democrat party passed laws that disarmed Black American leaving them defenseless. So it seems that black republicans were under siege from the Democrat's in power then. In my opinion  the Democrat party still clings to its roots. They are no friend of the minorities in America. If you want to stop mass killing on earth you need not take away the rights of Americans to own guns. You remove the killers by taking away the power of the career politician to strip you of your rights. They are the true threat not the lawful gun owners or the National Rifle Association.

If you look to history "Uncle Joe" Stalin killed Millions by his communist  policies. Will the New "Uncle Joe" Bidens' policies end up doing the same?  Stop Uncle Joe and his party from meddling with our second Amendment Rights and our constitution. Enforce the laws on the books and remove guns from the law breakers not legal gunowners. Keep your guns! Use them in defense of your family and our constitution.

Who are the ones that that have been under arms and take serious that oath? It is all who have served their county in the armed services  and will give up life and treasure to uphold our Constitution.  That is why we have been  branded by the Democrats as the most serious threat to their ambitions to  unlawfully dissolve our constitution. They have tagged us all as  all white supremists just as they do to Trump supporting  Republicans.  Just so you know, Jan. 6 was not a true  insurrection. The only thing really grievous action that took place was that a young woman was unfairly executed. Almost everything else was property damage or health related deaths in the ranks of the protestors to what they believed was a stolen election.

Had there been a true  insurrection the death toll would have been many and on all sides. It just was not an insurrection as Pelosi , Schumer, big Tech and the rest of the Democrats would have you believe. Just another BIG LIE! 


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Social Media

Shame on the Mainstream Media that serves up hours of disinformation that they pass on from one news outlet to another. Trump was correct about many issues. Fake news is just the most blatant. Stop vilifying Trump and learn from him.


Real news men/women (True journalists)refer to those folks as the mocking bird press. They are no longer arbitrators of truth ,representing the many different tributaries of thoughts but instead prey on the gullible, under educated, ill informed population feeding them propaganda to promote their collective  socialist agenda. They are truly despicable. They are censoring the truth. They push the  BIG LIE. If you are only hearing one side of the story watch or listen to One American News , Newsmax, Epoch Times , Rush Limbaugh. and then decide who and what you should believe in. Twitter, Face Book, and other  social media are not reliable sources of getting to the truth about your government.


If you need an example of this look how they treated the possibility that the epidemic came from a Chinese laboratory.  Only now are they allowing that truth to be explored on their platform.  They have and continue to lie by omission and or censorship. 

Open your mind and eyes. Don't let others tell you what you are to believe. 

Think critically and choose wisely.  Use your common sense.

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Please go to the following link and see exactly how illegal and legal immigration will impact your personal  life, our parks, rivers  and standard of life we currently enjoy living in  the United States. Click on Roy Beck and see the truth.

Roy Beck

Here you will see Roy Beck from years ago explaining what the true picture of the immigration issue.

I am all for legal immigration but we must follow the immigration laws as written. Build the wall and enforce our laws.

If in fact you don't like the current immigration laws work through our government to change them but our government and people must not break the laws of our land as they do now with impunity.  Currently the Democrat party is encouraging law breaking and I do not abide by that behavior !  The Dems are gaslighting you. The kids are being abused. If you don't agree with their policies  send them a message .... change parties. Vote for Republicans and save the kids.

Demarcate agenda for America,


1. End all construction of the border wall

2. Incentivize illegal migrants to cross our border, essentially an open border policy.

3. Refuse to deport criminals found guilty of assault, theft or drunk driving.

4. lock students out of the classroom and allow teachers to be paid. Disallow school choice.

5. Shut down our energy production sector

6. Take away our guns

7. Increase your taxes and spend money that is not theirs.

8. Discourage patriotism and religion

9. Encourage censorship as long as it favors Dems.

10. Support Antifa, BLM as they riot and steal

11. Defund our Police and abolish ICE.

Please Don't allow them to do this. 

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 I believe in School Choice. If you stand with the Democrat's and the teacher union they are destroying the very children that they tell you they want to protect.  We in FL. are blessed in that our governor followed the science and opened our schools a year ago. Look at the Blue states. California, NY, Michigan and others. They are still shut down. The children in those states are losing out. All those that have the finances have moved their children out of public school and into private schools. All the while the union teachers are being paid and they are not in the classroom.  In my view this is a racist inspired policy. 

Who are those students being hurt? The majority are mostly minority and low income children.

They are being penalized by Biden, Democrat party and the teachers union. Loving Parents will always want the best education for their children. 

I know the power of proper teaching. Not all children learn using the same methods. I am an example of that. I attended public school. By the time I reached 5th grade I could not read. When my mom was presented with this issue she did not give up on me. She did her research and found a school I attended after my public school day ended. We did that drive twice a week at great expense to my family. It paid off in that I was able to learn to read phonetically as apposed to what was being taught in public school at the time. They were teaching sight reading and it was a disaster for me and many of my schoolmates. With proper reading skills I went to the top of my class and never looked back.

Reading is the key to education. Instead of all the social program and indoctrination  (Brain washing)of our children promulgated by the Dems and left wing groups pushing critical race theory and such, we should be directing our teachers to teach our children the basics of reading , writing, and arithmetic. We as a country spend the most educating our children yet we don't get what we pay for. Our country scores on the world stage  38th in math, 24th in science. This is unacceptable. Defund the Federal Department of Education. Educations is the sole responsibility of each State and money should not be given to the federal government so that they can use that money to transform our public schools into Government schools. Government schools allow for Propaganda to be inculcated in the minds of those who are being taught. Check  our constitution and  you will see that the responsibility for educating our people was a  power  granted  solely to each state. There was a department of education under President Andrew Johnson but its main purpose was to collect information and Statistics about the nations schools.

In 1979 it became as cabin-level agency. The Democrat  President Jimmy Carter allowed this to come into being. 

Now the Federal government has control of the money sent to each states school system. Currently they can  force states  (by threatening to withhold funds) to teach such nonsense as Common Core, Critical race theory and such. We need to change that how it was prior to 1979. Prior to that there was no Department of Education at the federal level.  Vote to  take the federal government out of our education system. Return all tax money slated  for education to the States. 

We need to defund the public unions and put our children's education first. Give that money back to the teachers. Don't force them to disregard the kids as they have during this pandemic.

Instead of teaching our young to hate America (revisionist history 1618 project) we should be teaching them that we are not a perfect country but we strive to do better every day. I don't know of any country  that is a better place to live. Show me anywhere in the world where minorities (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow) are more accepted and allowed to prosper than America. What sets us apart. is the rule of law and our constitution. Without the rule of law you have nothing. Stop all those folks who push hate, division and segregation in our schools. Become a Republican as we stand for Truth, Liberty and the American way of life. Join our party (Republican)  and fight for equality not equity for all.

 AOC is a sorry example of a typical democrat legislator who is truly an ignoramus. Her  education is so challenged that she truly believes (as do most democrats in congress that do not speak out against her inane muttering) that math is racist. It would seem someone should explain the true definition of racism to her. Well here is it for all the dummies that race bait and intimidate others using that word. A racist is a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior  and has the right to dominate other named racial groups that they believe are inferior to their racial group.


America does not suffer or exhibit systemic racism even though the democrat party spews' that BIG LIE from President Biden in his speeches to the general public.

The Democrat party is  further trying to divide our nations voters. Pitting rich against poor, white against black and on and on it goes. We  have always prided ourselves that we are the melting pot of cultures. We should remain so.

I call on all American's to   stop the ginned up hate, and unite under our  love of America and what it stands for  that is  SYMBOLIZED by our Flag.


Sure their are some White Americans that are racist but the same can be said for Black Americans and all other hyphenated Americans. Those who carry that burden are of the smallest minority. So to say our country is systemically racist is a Lie as it goes against the basic tenants of our constitution. "We hold these Truths to be self evident , that All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, That among these are Life, Liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness..."

Not only is A.O.C. ignorant on that issue she also exhibits the same lack of understanding on many other issues.  She has shown herself to be a, hater, bigot, anti Semitic, anti police , anti  science, anti due process and against law and order. Her whole squad is an embarrassment to the democrat party and our country. They are nothing more than misguided, undereducated , hack politicians.

If you have not noticed the Democrats have not condemned their  squads utterings so one must assume by their silence that they agree with their  philosophy. 

I asked , is that what you believe? Is that what you want to associate yourself with as a member of the democrat party? Not me.

       The only thing worthy of  hate is :




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 Free Speech or Censorship


 Do you believe in Free speech? I emphatically DO! If you are paying attention you will observe that Democrats are in support of limiting what every citizen hears or reads. They are directing Big Tech, Social Media and major broadcasting stations to do the same. It is a page out of the communist manifesto.  Limit the truth by limiting opposition voices.  Speak to anyone that has an open mind and will listen. We need to stop all censorship. No one should not be allowed to voice their opinions. We need to break up big Tech immediately. We need to treat big Tech as a public utility just like we do radio stations, T.V. and the other companies using public airways. We need to remove any provision 230 in the law  and treat them as we do newspapers. There should be no special carve out for these monopolies. 


Dressing up, enjoying ethnic foods, dance and other experiences is not to be viewed as cultural appropriation as the Dems would have you believe  but rather instead, It shows respects and celebrates our diverse, wonderful cultures that make up the melting pot of what is America. Tell the Dems, and their mouthpieces to knock off the hate speech and nasty behavior. Just because a Black man likes and eats Chinese food or Tacos doesn't make him a person that is trying to appropriate another's culture any more than if a white American enjoys fired chicken and watermelon that would  make that man a racist. There is no logic here.  This is all such a waste of time and should not be tolerated. Anyone promulgating this insanity should be laughed at and given no quarter.

Please reject this stupidity. Enjoy your life, have fun.

Eat and dress as you please. 


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     COVID -19, Wuhan, China FLU


We have deep roots in the community and our members have long been dedicated to serving it in the hope for a better tomorrow. Our group includes professionals from all walks of life who are prepared to work tirelessly to promote our vision. There are so many ways to join us - what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.

We have deep roots in the community and our members have long been dedicated to serving it in the hope for a better tomorrow. Our group includes professionals from all walks of life who are prepared to work tirelessly to promote our vision. There are so many ways to join us - what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.

We have deep roots in the community and our members have long been dedicated to serving it in the hope for a better tomorrow. Our group includes professionals from all walks of life who are prepared to work tirelessly to promote our vision. There are so many ways to join us - what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.


 Have you ever wondered why the main steam media changed the name from the Wuhan flu to Covid -19? As a practicing physician I know that most if not all influenzas  are named from the place they originated. I suspect that realization did not sit well with the Chines Communist Party. It seems that the Chinese flu was created in a lab and not the wet market as they claim. If that were proven then the world may have held the the Chinese government  legally responsible for the negative economic impact that they have caused by their negligent actions world wide. Like Hillary the CCP destroyed the evidence. Therefore we may never know the truth.

Thereafter (I believe)President Trump was coerced into calling the Chines Flu the Covid-19 Flu. If you ever had any doubts about the CCP influencing our governments policies that realization should put that question to rest. We were told that by renaming the Chinese flu to Covid our country would be spared having Trumps white supremist types (lie) from attacking our Asian Americans. Interestingly it was soon demonstrated that the picture the mass media painted and wanted you to believe was false. What generally took place on video showed  black Americans attacking the Asians not Trump supporters. There after, the mass media stopped making the claim it was Trump Republicans that were doing hate attacks. Just like the Jussie Smollett case the press now has swept the truth under the rug and  moved on  continuing to lie to the American public and vilifying civil rights Republicans like me. 

If the truth be known the  Wuhan flu  is just another disease and more deadly than usual, most likely generically altered by man. It will be around  in some form for years to come. We all agree it is a more deadly flu most likely designed in a Chinese military  lab but it is a flu just the same. Thankfully we as a human race have developed a vaccine that's the direct result of the work accomplished by those employed in the Trump administration. If you remember the Dems to include  Dr. Fauci (who has proven to be a big liar )said it would not be possible and the Dems were all geared up to keep our country locked down long into our future. Trumps Vaccine disrupted their plans to take away your rights and uproot our constitutional protections.

Understanding the disease process is important in understanding the future. We have had pandemics, epidemics and all sorts of diseases. Each time man in concert with nature and god provides for a cure. We will continue to have diseases in the future. Innate intelligence will overcome it. The only issue is how we might limit the loss of life in this process.


As you will  note Government plays a role. In many of the Democrat states  closed down and have yet to  reopen. That has proven to be the wrong approach. We must learn that diseases will mutate and the body has defenses to combat those mutations. This is how our species has survived from the creation of the world until now.  So I say to you all, enjoy the time you have on earth. You will see that 99%+ of what you have worried about will never come to pass. The other issues  that do impact your life most likely could not be changed, so live your life and worry not. Endeavor to make the earth a better place and serve others while you are able. Stand up for American ideals and protect those who can not protect themselves. 

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 Energy costs and fuel price impacts

 Do you believe in energy independence for America?  I emphatically DO!  If you are paying attention you will observe that the Trump Administration made our country energy independent and for the first time in a long time we were exporting energy products. We were experiencing the benefits of less expensive energy at all levels. All American's were doing better. Now watch as the "Tax and Spend" democrats with their  free lunch policies destroy our economy and weaken our ability to defend our nation.


What did the Biden administration do in the first 100 days of his inauguration?  He killed the XL pipeline which put thousands out of a job and since it will not now be completed make us once more dependent on Oil from countries not friendly towards America. Now with one of our primary pipe lines closed down (colonial pipeline) due to a computer hack you should expect the price of everything to go much, much higher. Already fuel costs have gone up $1.00/gal, a sheet of plywood has doubled, food is up 30% and this is just the first 100 days. Hold on to your wallet.

Bank of America says severe inflation is to be expected in the near future. What does that mean to you and me? Already we see fuel prices going up. Remember the last time Democrat's did this under Jimmy Carter. Gas prices went through the roof , we had gas shortages and long lines. Prices on everything went up. Prepare yourself  for that again.

Think about who in our society gets hurt worse with exorbitant energy prices. Answer: the folks on the bottom. Always the minorities take it on the chin when the Democrat's are in power.

Therefore when you are thinking of what policies are better for the minorities realize that they will pay the price for wrong headed democratic economic decisions.

Once we go to Electric vehicles where do you think all that electric energy will come from? It will have to come from fossil fuels (Coal most likely as environmentalist distain Nuclear ) but it will be less efficient and more costly.

Unlike fossil fuels the energy can not be stored without great expense and massive negative environmental impacts which will take place to produce the batteries needed for storage. Better yet since we charge a fuel tax which is substantial (61 cents/gal) on fuel how will we then tax the electric power we will have to produce for electric vehicles to replace petrol fueled vehicles and replace the road tax dollars they generate? Think that through please.

I will tell you how. Your electric bills will go through the roof. Again the economic lower strata will pay a larger percentage of their income to pay for energy in all forms then the rich Democrats who are pushing this change. Note that recently it was revealed by a trustworthy news outlet that the democratic party is in bed with big banks, big tech companies and wall street. No longer does the democratic party represent the workers or the poor.

All in all I predict a rough ride ahead so when you see $5 a gallon gas don't blame Trump and his administrations policies.

Point your finger at Biden and the Democrats socialist and communist  policies. 

All in all I predict if the Democrats remain in power our country and all its citizens will pay the price of poor policies and inept leadership. Unless things change in the 2022 Midterm elections and the Republican party wins resoundingly I foresee our country as we have known it to be forced  into a socialist , communist dictatorship run by the Democrat party.


 I was a student without funds and therefore I had to borrow money to attend college and grad school.

When I did borrow money I always borrowed knowing full well that it would have to be paid back.

I always had a job to pay for my living expenses. 

Therefore I tried to borrow only for tuition costs. The rate was one or two over prime. Today prime is very low. One over prime could be 3% or  much less.

When Obama and the Democrats took over they did away with the banks  terms and used our government to fund the loans. The catch here was that process then  caused the rates to rise. At times the loan rate could be more  than 8%. They also allowed the money to be used for other things not related to tuition. Big mistake.  With the competition of all the federal money the colleges and Universities raised tuition and students were more apt to use the money for living expenses and not just tuition. The thinking was why get a job at low wages now if you could borrow the money and use it while you were in School. Once you graduated you would get a good job and pay the loans back with the great pay your were expecting. Therefore most students did not seek employment to offset the costs of living outside of their homes. Soon student debt got out of control and now we see the consequences of Government control and government policies that encouraged student debt. All student loans should only pay for tuition. 


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