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Will You Stand with the UNDERDOG? My Story

Will you stand with me and support my candidacy  with your actions as a volunteer and or financially donating to my campaign? My opponent has near $500,000 given to him by his wealthy Democrat donors. I currently have only $5,000 in my campaign account .  Its early but please help me with a financial donation. I will use all donation to get the word out about my campaign to represent you and your agenda.  Click on my donate page and please donate what you can to save the country from communism.

In my mind before I could support someone I would need to know what that person supports and his/her character. Obviously you can not know me fully from just reading what I purport to support. Therefor I will  give you a brief summary of my  life and character. 

History is important in men and nations. If studied it gives one the ability to predict the future. Therefore when you review my history you will have a better sense of what I will do if you honor me with your support and  most importantly your vote.

THIS is a brief outline of my life history:​

  • I was born at Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami , 71 years ago. I am a native son unlike many running for congress. Born and raised here in Florida.  I can truly appreciate how far our country has come in so many ways in its quest to live up to our constitutions values. 

  • Attended Colbert Elementary School Hollywood Fl.

  • Attended McNichol Middle School and objected to separate but equal travesty that the democratic party in Florida supported.

  • Attended South Broward summer school, FL.

  • Hard time hit so my family moved to Farmingdale N.Y. where I attended high school

  • I graduated high school at 16 and applied to college

  • I was accepted at Adelphi Suffolk University.  I always worked and paid my tuition. My family had scare resources to help me. 

  • At 19 years old  I received my B. A. degree from Adelphi University and majored in Biology and science.

  • Then we moved from Babylon to Stonybrook N.Y.  Due to my back issue and the relief I attained with Chiropractic medicine I found my life's work.  I worked three jobs at the same time to save money to allow me to attend Palmer Chiropractic College., Davenport Iowa.

  • My Chiropractic education was interrupted by the Vietnam War. I won the lottery and was picked. My number was #46 so I decided I would volunteer and  attend officer candidate school.

  • I was never able to attend OCS as my previous spinal issues once reviewed caused me to be discharged. I had earned an honorable discharge. I am a proud U.S. Army Veteran with all the benefits that go with serving our country.  

  • I then returned to Hollywood FL to work for my Uncle in his plumbing business. His name was Cliff Storm and he owned Storm Plumbing company. He was an officer in the Green Berets and my best friend. He was my best man at my wedding years later. No one had a better uncle than I did.

  • He later became the president of the board of Rules and appeals for Broward county Florida. I worked in his company as a laborer, learning the plumbing trade, digging trenches and doing drain field restoration. I worked for him off and on as a youth. Believe me I know what hard physical work is all about.

  • With a loan from my Uncle Cliff I returned to Davenport. to resume my studies. I worked full time throughout my education and graduated in the top 1/4 of my class. Once graduated and in practice I paid my uncle back the full amount I borrowed from him and thanked him for his trust and belief in me that allowed me to finish my education.

  • Just prior to graduation I was offered a position to teach pathology and technique as a member of the Palmer College of Chiropractic. It was a great honor. I then attended Physical Therapy training in California prior to returning to Florida.

  • In 1973 I passed the National and State boards in Florida and started my practice.

  • I lived and practiced in Ft. Lauderdale for the next 30 years. I am retired at this time and I am physically disabled. Our office administered to over 16,000 patients prior to my retirement.

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My Family

My mom and Dad moved to Hollywood FL. from Brooklyn New York to settle in Hollywood in 1946.

My father was involved in the local masonic  lodge. My mon was involved in helping to support the State of Israel.

She was the President of the South Florida chapter of Hadassah.  Both of my parents are deceased.

My  family is a mixed family religiously, as we celebrate and enjoy both Christmas and Hanukkah.

We have two sons. Both live and work in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Adam my oldest is a member of the Florida bar and he is a practicing attorney associated with the very prestigious law firm the " Ticktin law Group". My youngest son is in the process of becoming a Chiropractor.

He has to complete his national boards this year. Currently he works in construction.. Both or our sons graduated Westminster Academy and then on scolorship to Florida State University. 

My wife Karen was born in Kentucky but like many here raised in Ft. Lauderdale. Currently she is a home maker but previously  for 16 years she worked as a flight Attendant for Eastern Airways until the union strike caused it to go bankrupt. 

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People I Admire

 To name a few: John Kennedy(R) of Louisiana, William Buckley Jr., Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle, Socrates, Martin Luther King, Teddy Roosevelt, Col. Alan West, Dr. James D. Kennedy of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Job, Martin Luther, Moses, Jesus,  President Donald Trump & Family, Jim Jordan, Candance Owens, Harriet Tubman, Tea Party, Benjamin Franklin ,Devin Nunes, Ben Sasse, and the woman of my dreams Karen Chess, my wife and partner for the past 41 years in life here on earth.


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Music I enjoy

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Classical, folk, country, jazz, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, modern, Pit Bull, Billy Holiday, Hugh Masekela, Trace Adkins, Ricky Rebel, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra to name a few.

Fishing, boating, ultra-light flying, hunting, cooking, smoking game, swimming, farming, fixing and recycling to name a few.

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Charities and causes I support

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My Worst Faults 

Spelling words incorrectly, punctuation, not remembering names, faces and dates. I may come across as brutily honest but it is not my intent. to offend you. Please look past that fault and know it is meant to enlighten  you and not to challenge in anyway your intellect. or love of our country. 

Wounded Warriors, NRA, Ducks unlimited,  Magan David  Adom, Tunnels to Towers, VA, Habitat for Humanity , RNC,MAGA . Prager U, Hilldale College, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunez, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, AA, Palmer College, Fr. Lauderdale Navy League, VFW Westminster Academy, to name a few.