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Who I AM ?

I am not a politician. I am an American citizen. I'm a conservative, a Democrat for the past 50 years but now I  am a  Republican  patriot. I wish to replace Ted Deutch in the U. S. congress.  Currently, he is the career democrat lawmaker that represents district 22, my district.  Check his voting record. He votes just like Pelosi, AOC and Michigan democrats. It would seem he votes like those in Michigan as that is where he grew up, attended college and  lived prior to moving to Florida.  Reviewing  his voting record It would seem he brought his Michigan politics to Florida.  Michigan is still locked down.

Have you had enough of hate, anti cop, anti American propaganda being taught in the Democrat Government schools?

We need a change.

Congressmen and Congresswomen should serve one or two terms and get out. They should not be entitled to pensions or other lifetime benefits for serving their country. This job should never become a career. Help me in this cause.

As an America First conservative candidate (born and raised in Florida) I will follow and uphold our constitution in full. I am not an ideologue or a bully. Frankly I'm not a politician either.  I want to win your heart and mind with the quality of my character.  I trust you to make the right move once you know the facts. You and I know that  is not happening today due to censorship. If you will support my efforts to reject the Democratic platform  and  honor me with your vote ,once elected I will never disappoint you. I will always do what is in the best interest of America and " we the people".

 I was registered Democrat for almost  50 years. About five years ago I walked away from the Democrat party. I pray if you are still a democrat you will do the same, once I have made my case that the democrat party no longer represents who we are. The party left me.  They no longer represent my beliefs or aspiration for my countrymen and women.

The Democrat Party no longer believes in AMERICA FIRST. The Democratic party does not believe in God. The democratic party does not believe and uphold our constitution or immigration laws.

I believe that charity starts at home with our citizens and not illegal aliens or other countries. Due to our past and present leaders’ stupidity, our country is in deep debt. The Tea Party had and has the right solutions.



DATE: Sunday, May 30, 2021

TIME: 12;00 PM to 3:00 PM

LOATION: C.B.  Smith Park

 Everyone had a great time. If you did not attend you missed a good time.


Open for speaking engagements

        Please call or email me.




Lauderdale memorial park cemetery.  Mayor used it for political speech. He was booed by those attending.

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We Hold These Truths

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In This Together

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I am only running for political office as I feel it is my duty as a citizen who has been blessed to have been born in Miami, FL., in 1948. I am 71 years old and as such only have a limited number of years before I will bequeath my  beloved America  to my children and all those that follow. I have chosen  to stop complaining about what the democrat administration is doing and take action to defeat their policies of open borders, elimination of our religious institutions, support of Antifa , BLM and other causes that are detrimental to America.


   I stand for the following:

  • Upholding our Constitutions to include election voter integrity and every amendment. 

  • Support our POLICE and all law and order officers.

  • Support School Choice..

  • Support AMERICA FIRST policies of the Trump Administration!

  • Support and require protection of "Free Speech".

  • Support all Veterans (I served in the U.S. Army ) no  veteran should every be homeless or without food. No one should come  before our veterans.

  • Support lawful limited immigration policy as currently written in our laws.

  • Support term limits so we eliminate career politicians.

  • Support a balanced budget amendment

  • Support a line item veto for the President of the United States.

  • Support a balanced budget

  • Support Clean environment

  • Enforce  free speech, religious freedom

“Genius comes in many forms”

Therefore listen to everyone

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What do I bring to the table to save America

Age, experience, wisdom, knowledge of our history and foresight guided by love for my country and all its citizens.

Money and power are of little interest to me. You can only eat one T-bone at a time. My only interest in this office is to once again "SERVE" my country and you “The people“. I will endeavor to stop the lawless folks whether they be Republicans, Democrats, or other players like the  Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  from disregarding our constitutional freedoms and acting to destroy our country from within. I am old enough to recognize a boondoggle when I see one. Please work with me to stop this craziness.

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