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Dems are mostly a godless bunch as was demonstrated in their platform when Hillary was the candidate and continues to this day.  Fact check that they took God out of their platform and then had to replace it. If you are Jewish or Christian or other believer in God  I don’t know how you can remain a registered Democrat in that you are by doing so, aligning and thereby endorsing the Democrat platform of hatred, division, bigotry, racism and death.

Over the years the Democrat Party has changed drastically from its original  stated values. If you are a Democrat and always vote the party line  and now believe in what the Republicans Party stands for, please consider changing parties.  If you still have doubts of what the Democrats are up to, I would advise you to watch “Hillary’s America”  the history of the Democratic party on Netflix, Amazon Prime or anywhere it is free to view , produced  by Dinesh D'Souza. 



Why have the blue states closed restaurants, small business, while large corporations thrive?  The Democrat controlled congress added $1.9 trillion to our already deep debt and using most funds to NOT help the American people, but rather to fund their socialist agenda and allow those elites to enrich their bank accounts. Not one republican voted to pass this bill. Only 6% of $1.9 trillion is being spent on COVID-19 relief and 94% going to pay for things like bailing out blue states that have huge pension debts. That is  due to mismanagement and personal interests such as Pelosi’s gift to San Francisco. We can do better. I will with your vote attempt to do better. 

We also have the following:


HB (1) trying to steal all future elections by ballot harvesting, no ID, no signature verification, expending length of election, mail-in ballots which is not an absentee ballot. Your vote is the most important priceless gift given to our citizens. Without voter/election integrity you are powerless. Have you asked yourself why Arizona and other pivotal states that have huge voter irregularities will not support a forensic audit in those states? You should understand no matter what those states say there is no reason other than theft of the election that would cause the Democrat's to take the stance they do. If in fact, Biden won the election fair and square they would be happy to do a forensic audit. Obviously, they do not believe Biden won.

The tipping point for me to leave the Democrat Party is the Democrat support of Planned Parenthood’s abortion policies. I cannot stand by and watch the Democrat Party support Planned Parenthood with my tax dollars as they  engages in killing minority children in the womb  and selling baby parts Or killing a baby at birth as performed in Virginia, N.Y. As a physician it disgusts me, and none of our tax dollars should go to support this abomination. It is a woman's right to have an early  abortion but that should not be paid for with  tax dollars and it is not a substitute for birth control. Those life altering  decision  should be between her and her God and not our government.


If you are comfortable with killing the unborn children, then you need to continue to be a member of the Democrat party. 


Democrats demonize businessmen, innovators, and the working class and look down on those who get the job done. They are no longer the party of the working class. 

Not everyone needs or desires a college education. Don't chide your children if they choose not to attend college. Trade school is a great option. What we need are well rounded, mentally  stable, strong and independent Americans. That will allow them to do what needs to be done to better themselves, their families, our country, and the world with God as our supreme leader. 

I disagree with having the government take our money from us and spend it as they see fit, in that the government does not produce anything and only has money to spend that is taken from the working people which the democrats refer to as dirty Wal-Mart shoppers, deplorable, and now Neanderthals, white supremacists  and insurrectionists. 

I think that the leadership of the Democrat Party uses words to create an impression that anyone that does not see it their way should be disrespected  as is demonstrated in how they refer to voters. They will eventually call us  “peasants” as they believe, like the king of old, that they are royalty and “we the people” are mere peasants. Those in power do not trust “you the governed”. Our country was founded on the premise that we the people are in power and that our representatives work for us. Not the other way around. That includes Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the other "Royalty".

I do trust you to make the correct decision if provided the truth and  not forced to do otherwise.

I want smaller government with less impact on our lives. Dems want bigger government and to control your life from what car you drive to what size drink you can enjoy.

The Democrats would like you to believe that what happened at the capital on Jan. 6 was an insurrection. That is a misuse of the word and in  fact not what took place. Those that did what they did were lawless and should be held accountable. They believed in their cause as they believed that the election was not fair. From what I saw when watching the proceedings in all of the states that violated their own constitutions ( which did not allow for write in ballots) I agree with them. 

Instead of our court system doing their job when the inconsistency and questions were presented to them they chose to not review the process and thereby created frustration that then bled over into confrontation. Had the court done their job the riot that followed would not have taken place.

To blame Trump supports and impeach him for the acts of others is preposterous. Those who say differently do so purely  for Political gain or they are just ignoramuses. They are the  political hacks and haters. They care not about truth or fair elections.

Had Trump called for an armed insurrection I am sure  then you would have seen a bloodbath and a  much larger conflict. Trump never did  that nor would he do that as is demonstrated by his words and actions before and after the disturbance. He asked for peaceful demonstrations. That is the American way. The big tech and democrats can try all they want but the proof is in the pudding. Who died at the riot. Only one American patriot was killed. The other four who died were found to have died of natural causes. Their deaths were not at the hands of the protesters as the press and Nasty Nancy  Pelosi, Bid Media, and Democrat's would have you believe. The Big Lie!  If you doubt what I am saying please fact check and you will see no person arrested was charged with insurrection . There was no insurrection. The only charge was trespassing and maybe destruction of property.  When the  current crop of Democrats speak, make sure you understand that it' s "The jackass speaking". LOL


Ashli Babbitt was shot by a person that should have been prosecuted for this action. Had  Ashli Babbitt been black the shooter would have been prosecuted and I predict that BLM, Antifa would have made a big deal about her death. She  represented no threat. She was unarmed. Shamelessly there was no one protesting  this senseless killing. Her family was not compensated for their loss. Shame on the officer that assassinated the defenseless  unarmed air force veteran who was unjustly killed. This was wrong just like what took place at Ruby Ridge in 1992. Our government it seems prosecutes the righteous exercising their constitutional rights and allows scofflaws ,  Antifa, BLM rioter killers  to go free. The justice system is corrupted and needs to be brought to heel. Fire Christopher Ray and all those that are working in concert with him to subvert our laws. We need to rid our country of the shadow  government that recently  has been exposed  by Julian Assange, Snowden, Trump administration and others, to be the FBI, DOJ, NSA  and others at the pinnacle of those organizations. Let return to the America I grew up in which enshrined itself with the idea of  Liberty, Truth and  Justice for all. 


Interestingly the Dems and the press originally stated this was an armed insurrection on Jan.6th.  That was found to be a BIG LIE, totally untrue as the FBI stated in governmental hearings that no firearms or weapons' of that nature were involved in the riot. 

No one to my knowledge has been charged with insurrection. It seem the only charge that most face is trespassing.


Again to call "January 6" a riot or an armed insurrection is like calling a row boat an ocean liner.  Another  Big Lie being pushed by the big tech fake news talking heads.

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